Tax Refund Kit Tax Relief At Last!

The Tax Refund Kit consists of

7 DVD’s:

1. IRS Fraud Summary Part 1

2. IRS Fraud Summary Part 2

3. The Fingerprint Inside the Crime Scene

4. Income Defined / Property Tax Defined /     Mail Fraud

5. Jurisdiction Fraud Part 1 & 2

6. The Supreme Court’s Unlawful Power     Exposed and What Every Federal Grand     Jury Should Know

7. Quick Insight Video to show your friends

And 2 CD’s:

 1.  Theft By Deception data CD containing       necessary documents

 2.  The Secret Liens BONUS CD

7 DVD’s and

2 CD’s give you

critical knowledge

of the FRAUDS

committed by the

US Government &

the IRS against

“We the people.”

Tax Refund Kit- 7 DVD's 2CD's

Tax Refund Kit




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