Tax Refund Kit Tax Relief At Last!

We have done all the research.  Having this knowledge will make you free!  You will receive 7 DVD’s that will teach you about the frauds perpetrated by the US central government on the people of the United States.

“IRS Summary Discs 1 & 2” teach about the unauthorized removal of 29.22 (b) -1 (a) from the 1949 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations - Title 26) which renders ALL of title 26 fraudulent and irrelevant.


“The Finger Print Inside The Crime Scene” disc teaches the fraud of the missing 1957 CFR, which was never printed, though the people were led to believe it was, and about the whole “Blue Back Series” CFRs.

The “Income Defined, Property Tax Defined and Mail Fraud Fraud” disc teaches you what income really is, that property tax is unlawful because of the 5th Amendment and that Mail Fraud is a fraud in itself!

The Jurisdiction Fraud Disc teaches that the federal government has no jurisdiction in any of the states and that tax courts are unlawful and unconstitutional.

The disc labeled “The Supreme Courts Unlawful Power Exposed and What Every Grand Jury Should Know” shows the limited authority of the US supreme court and how they have been abusing their oath to protect and defend the constitution and that federal grand juries have no authority over people in states.

The last DVD,”Taxation Information Kit” disc is a copy of the Video on this site to show your friends.

The first CD, “Theft by Deception” contains all the documentation to print up, learn from and to file with your “statement” to the IRS, should you decide to.  It also contains a formula to figure your “Tax Refund” amount.

The Bonus CD is the audio of a US Bankruptcy court case wherein the DOJ attorney for the IRS admits to IRS secret liens.   “Secret Liens” are unlawful!

Receive, also, step by step directions on how you may use this documentation & information, via e-mail.

Order today and find relief from your alleged tax burden!

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If you are employed by the US Government, YOU CANNOT USE THIS!

If you live on US Government Property, YOU CANNOT USE THIS!

If you enjoy giving money to the IRS, YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THIS!

If you enjoy spending hours figuring taxes, DON’T READ THIS!

If you enjoy threatening letters from the IRS, DON’T GET THIS!

But, if you want true relief from income taxes… read on….