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Title 26, 1949 CFR (income tax code)

29.22 (b) -1 (a)

Which read:

“( a ) those items of income which are, under the Constitution,         not taxable by the Federal Government;”

CFRs.  This constitutes fraud and, as a matter of law, renders the whole Document, (title 26) Fraudulent and un-enforceable

as law.

why it was done or how it was  authorized,  then that code was deleted altogether in the succeeding

The IRS offers the option of sending in a “form or STATEMEMT.” So, if you chose to file a STATEMENT, rather than a “form 1040;” you may use all this information and file it along with that STATEMENT, in support of that STATEMENT.  

It is very important to learn the TRUTH because as the old saying goes:


The Truth

Shall Set You Free

This code was unlawfully removed from the 1953 CFR and replaced with 39.22 (b) -1 ( a )  with those words left out and no reference in the Federal Register as to who did it,